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    I have something to say to the religionist who feels atheists never say anything positive: You are an intelligent human being. Your life is valuable for its own sake. You are not second-class in the universe, deriving meaning and purpose from some other mind. You are not inherently evil--you are inherently human, possessing the positive rational potential to help make this a world of morality, peace and joy. Trust yourself.
    Dan Barker

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    Richard Dawkins

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Crucifixion Or cruciFICTION?

Copia desde la Crucifixion dibujada hacia 1540...

Crucifixion from a 1540 painting

Continuing with my Easter theme [sort of a pre-lent gift], in this article I would like to examine the crucifixion from last supper until Jesus was lain in the tomb. I will not discuss events after that point because I wrote about them in my previous article Who Moved The Stone?I am going to list the events in the timeline established directly from the bible although it is mainly a close approximation since the bible is unclear on some crucial parts. I will also intersperse my own commentary and of course supply bible references when necessary.

First stop is the last supper which is read about in all 4 gospels at Matthew 26:20-30;  Mark 14:17-26;  Luke 22:14-38;  John 13:21-30.

Next stop on our journey is at the Garden of Gethsemane which we read about in three gospels at Matthew 26:36-46;  Mark 14:32-42;  Luke 22:39-45. Since I raised a very intriguing possibility in Who Moved The Stone? this is an event that really should be examined more closely. Why did they leave the room of the last supper to go to the garden? The bible says it was to pray but that could have been easily done where they were. I mentioned that Jesus appeared in disguise as a gardener because he seemed to be hiding after he was ‘risen’. It is really easy to understand going from a small room into a garden with only one entrance that needed defense were it to be needed. As in plans we have all seen time and time again in action movies,  Jesus left his disciples at the gate of the garden while he and 2 others went further in the garden. he left them there [much as you would leave an inner line of defense] and retired further into the garden. Besides the obvious Christian distaste for this possibility, can it be logically refuted?

Jesus next is betrayed by one of his disciples and arrested we read about this in all 4 gospels at Matthew 26:47-56;  Mark 14:43-52;  Luke 22:47-53;  John 18:1-11. It must be noted regarding the betrayer Judas, there are two conflicting accounts given in regards to his death.

Now we get to the trial where he was condemned by the Jewish leaders we read about this in 3 gospels at Matthew 27:1-2;  Mark 15:1;  Luke 22:66-71.

Now we are at Pilate and it is 6 AM. Jesus has already been condemned by the Jewish leaders. We read about this in all 4 gospels at Matthew 27:11-14;  Mark 15:2-5;  Luke 23:1-5;  John 18:28-37.

In a cute game of ‘pass the buck’ Jesus gets sent to Herod. We only read of this in 1 gospel at Luke 23:6-10.

All that took place at 6 AM until at 7 AM Jesus was again taking part in ‘pass the buck’ and Herod returned him to Pilate. Once again this appears in only 1 gospel at Luke 23:11-12.

Give Us Barabbas

The pass the buck game [Roman version of kick the can?] was over and Jesus breathed a short sigh of relief because he was then sentenced to death. We read about this in all 4 gospels at Matthew 27:26;  Mark 15:15;  Luke 23:23-24;  John 19:16. One thing I would like to mention is the bible story of Pilate’s offering of Jesus or Barabbas. Firstly Barabbas is quite an interesting name in its own right. It is a compound of 2 Aramaic words. One is Bar which means son of and abbas which means father. As if that wasn’t enough quite a few of the greek manuscripts have Barabbas first name which strangely disappeared form all English translations. His name was Jesus. Now is anyone still foolish enough to claim that account was true?

Skipping over the beating [which you can all see in The Passion Of The Christ], we come to 8 AM and Jesus being led to Calvary once again, the 4 gospels are in agreement and we can read it at Matthew 27:32-34;  Mark 15:21-24;  Luke 23:26-31;  John 19:16-17.

We finally arrive at 9 AM and Jesus is being crucified. Here we read that in two gospels  Mark 15: 25 – It was the third hour when they crucified him. [In the timekeeping in that day the third hour was 9 AM] and Luke 23:33 –When they came to the place called the Skull, they crucified him there, along with the criminals—one on his right, the other on his left.

Next we read of the Roman soldiers casting lots [playing dice] for Jesus clothes and oddly enough that is in only 1 gospel and we can read it at Mark 15:24.

Now 10 AM, Jesus is up on the cross when we read about people mocking and insulting him.We read about this in 3 gospels at Matthew 27:39-40; Mark 15:31; and twice at Luke 23:36-37 and Luke 23:39.

Bare with me, only three hours left. We now arrive at noon [the 6th hour] and read of a darkness that covers the land. We read this in 1 gospel at Mark 15:33.

Now at 1 PM Jesus cries out as we read in Matthew [only in Matthew 27:46] And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

And also we read that Jesus was thirsty and given sour wine to drink in John 19:28-29 but vinegar in Matthew 27:34 yet again wine, not sour but mixed with myrrh in Mark 15:23.

Almost at the end so we trudge on. It is 2 PM and Jesus no utters his last words saying It is finished as it says in John 19:30 or Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last. as in Luke 23:46. And we are now in the 9th hour.

I am only going to mention on thing that happened between Jesus death and being laid in the tomb by Joseph of Arimathea. That is the mention worthy of a Hollywood movie by Mathhew, only by Matthew, in Matthew 27:51-52 – At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split. The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life

After reading the above is anyone really able to take this account literally anymore?

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