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Man Walked With Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tracks, Paluxy River, Texas

Dinosaur Tracks

Once in a while I hear a Young Earth Creationist make that claim. Sometimes they even claim there is proof down in the Paluxy river outside of Glen Rose Texas. A few years ago I found myself near Dallas so my girlfriend (at the time) and I  decided to take a trip to the Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose which is about 70 miles away from Dallas.

One of the first things we noticed in the park was that there are many excellently preserved dinosaur tracks and the large plaque that says these tracks were dated to the late Cretaceous period some 113 million years ago. If there were ‘man’ tracks this dating alone should be enough to disprove them unless one either thinks radiometric dating is a sham and science is in on some grand conspiracy to discount this. We were disappointed to hear that most of the so called ‘man’ tracks were not on park property but there were some alleged tracks on the shelf about three feet above the main site.

Dinosaur Valley State Park, Paluxy River, Glen...

More Tracks

We had just came with a decent sized group of people from the Blue hole which was one of the two main sights. At the Blue hole there were plenty of therapod tracks although it was mostly just a sink hole at a bend in the river. After exploring for a while the group we were in went over to the main site where there were more therapod tracks, sauropod tracks and even a tail impression from a dinosaur. We came back from the Blue hole and crossed over to the other corner of the parking lot and descended a series of steps down to the river bed. Not sure why there wasn’t a bridge there, hopefully they built one eventually but we crossed a series of stones [guess that’s a natural bridge] to get to the other side of the river. We were all pretty much disappointed because we saw plenty of dinosaur tracks and the ‘man’ tracks we saw were pretty much plain erosion patterns of the rocks and very unclear and eroded dinosaur tracks. Like a bunch of lemmings we all went a little farther away to see the famous trackways only to find they were removed many years earlier by a paleontologist named Roland Bird. Even though this was May and the Paluxy was low at that time, this trackway would have been submerged anyway.

All in all it was an interesting trip and the full park is some 1500 acres. I would recommend anyone in the area visit when they get time. If you go in the summer, be smarter than I was and bring some really strong sunblock like SPF 5000 or something.  Later that evening we went into Glen Rose and found a few good restaurants and even a little museum. We were shocked to learn that there was a ‘museum’ called the Creation Evidence Museum that was founded in 1984 to show the Earth was 6000 years old and man walked with the dinosaurs [apparently in Texas but nowhere else]. Pretty much since the 1980s when Massimo Pigliucci showed that no prints were made by humans most creationists have abandoned these prints as any type of evidence. When I was there, my girlfriend and I got into a conversation with our waitress in the restaurant we ate in. She told us what at the time was a rumor that the Adams family, the prints were discovered by George Adams, admitted that they were a hoax and that George carved a few himself. George Adams grandaughter Zana did admit this in the Star-Telegram in August of 2008.

I know I have been guilty of calling creationists creotards because they hold some of the world’s most retarded beliefs. I will pretty much say at this point, any creationist that still believes these Paluxy prints are evidence of creation is not only a creotard but an idiot and wasted life as well.

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  1. Thanks for putting it all together and telling it well.

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